Fatal question to the prime minister

31.07.2020, 5:14

A kindergarten teacher suffering from cancer is facing unemployment because of a question she publicly asked the prime minister regarding the huge salary of Ulla Ilisson, the future director general of the Education and Youth Board.

Virus spreaders lighting the fuse of second wave

30.07.2020, 4:01

A woman diagnosed as COVID-19 positive moved around in Tartu last week and directly infected three more people. One of them in turn passed on the virus to a Tartu police detective. Another person close to the original spreader violated the self-quarantine...

I have no forest of my own: head of RMK Aigar Kallas

29.07.2020, 2:25

Although the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) earns millions, it cannot be found in the Estonian business register. This institution has its own law and its annual report can be viewed only in its website. Aigar Kallas explains the impact of the bark...

111 Isamaa members form political association Parempoolsed

24.07.2020, 1:13

One hundred and eleven members of the coalition Isamaa party unveiled a political association called Parempoolsed (Right-wingers) on Thursday. While there is no talk of an in-house opposition, statements by the new association’s spokespeople reveal a...

Borrowing should be capped at 20 percent of GDP

23.07.2020, 11:39

Estonia’s strong financial situation means it is too early to lament public debt running away from us, Dmitri Jegorov, deputy secretary general for the Ministry of Finance, finds in an interview.

Defense Forces gets lighter and more accurate assault rifles

23.07.2020, 11:29

Commander of the Defense Forces Maj. Gen. Martin Herem shared his impressions after trying the Defense Forces new R20 Rahe assault rifle: “It reminds me of the Galil in terms of caliber and recoil. The sight makes it seem like a very comfortable weapon....

Head of Tele2: Estonian regulators could grow a backbone

22.07.2020, 11:32

Head of Tele2 Estonia Chris Robbins finds that the Estonian telecom market is so client-unfriendly that growing business volumes is a piece of cake.

Old Town businesses asking the city for rent holiday

21.07.2020, 11:44

Restaurant and café owners in Tallinn’s Old Town are worried several businesses might be forced to close doors come fall for without tourists, there is no income.

Mart Laar: Martin Helme has never allowed facts to stand in the way of his statements

20.07.2020, 1:31

The newly elected chairman of the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) Martin Helme, criticizing reforms that followed restoration of independence in his fist interview as EKRE leader, gave Postimees reason to seek out former prime minister Mart Laar who is...

Social Affairs Ministry to itself finance nonprofits whose funding was halted

17.07.2020, 5:16

The 13 Estonian nonprofit associations whose funding with proceeds from the gambling tax was halted by the Finance Ministry will be financed by the Ministry of Social Affairs in the future, Minister of Social Affairs Tanel Kiik said on Friday.

Helme’s solo to end in a duet

17.07.2020, 11:07

The bout between Minister of Finance Martin Helme (EKRE) and Minister of Social Affairs Tanel Kiik (Center) over support for human rights organizations should reach its culmination on Friday when Kiik and fellow Centrist minister Jaak Aab aim to put the matter...

Five billion gone already

16.07.2020, 2:04

The state has already borrowed €2.8 billion to alleviate the effects of the coronavirus crisis, while the government is aiming to borrow a total of €5 billion over two years. A part of the money has already been spent, with various parties debating how to...

Law not ready for autonomous vehicle accidents

15.07.2020, 10:01

A collision of a passenger vehicle and a self-driving bus in Tallinn’s Ülemiste City marks the first time an autonomous vehicle has been involved in a crash in Estonia. Even though the so-called robot act is still in the pipeline, whether a vehicle has a...

Outages are inevitable

14.07.2020, 10:10

A storm that ravaged Estonia on Saturday left thousands of households without power. To make sure storms couldn’t leave a part of Estonia in the dark, power lines would have to be moved underground, however, that would cost around €2 billion for the entire...

Kiik standing up to Martin Helme

14.07.2020, 10:07

The Ministry of Finance on Friday stopped State Support Services (RTK) funding for equal opportunities and gender equality projects from gambling tax proceeds. The center hopes that the Ministry of Finance, run by Martin Helme, and the Ministry of Social...

Estonian carriers no longer keen on refueling in Russia

13.07.2020, 10:54

After Estonia’s diesel excise duty cut, price differences in Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian gas stations have become virtually nonexistent, with diesel fuel costing less in Estonia than in Lithuania on some days. Representatives of road carriers say that...

Storm left over 34,000 households without power

13.07.2020, 10:49

Storm winds reaching 30 meters per second ravaged much of the country on Saturday, bringing trees down on power lines.

Skeleton’s decade of patience paying off

10.07.2020, 10:00

Founder and CEO of Skeleton Technologies Taavi Madiberk admits that had he known ten years ago how long it would take to get a foot in the door in the car industry, they would probably never have started. The company recently signed €150 million worth of...

Kaja Kallas: Taxpayers forced to pay for government’s folly

09.07.2020, 10:11

Head of the opposition Reform Party Kaja Kallas told the “Otse Postimehest” webcast that Minister of Rural Affairs Arvo Aller’s promise to consider paying compensation to strawberry farmers constitutes an attempt to gloss over the government’s poor...

“Trust requires good communication”

08.07.2020, 10:40

Acting head of the Estonian Health Board Mari-Anne Härm says in an interview to Postimees she wants to use the summer to determine what led to loss of trust between the government and the board.

Estonians waiting for permission to travel

08.07.2020, 10:36

Citizens and permanent residents of Australia need to apply for a permit to leave the country. “After four weeks of waiting, I finally got my answer that for some miraculous reason came back positive,” says Aet Madison, head of travel agents Aero Travel,...

Helme says national conflict fueled by partner

07.07.2020, 10:59

The newly elected chairman of the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) Martin Helme told Postimees live that utterances that insulted coalition partners at the recent EKRE congress were part of a political show. Helme also promised to create his own Fox News...

Vegetables saved, too late for strawberries

07.07.2020, 10:55

The agriculture rescue package the government agreed on Monday morning leaves farmers feeling conflicted. Even though its necessity is beyond doubt, changes come too late for strawberry farmers. Producers also cannot understand the plan of shortening the...

National opera employees analyze allegations against director

06.07.2020, 12:21

Then head of communications for National Opera Estonia Lisanna Männilaan walked up to director Aivar Mäe and handed him her letter of resignation in mid-November last year, following a marketing meeting earlier in the week. According to Männilaan, Mäe told...

Council of National Opera Estonia suspends director's contract for 2 months

03.07.2020, 10:37

The board of National Opera Estonia at an extraordinary meeting on Thursday decided to suspend the employment contract of director Aivar Mäe for two months to ensure safe and creative work atmosphere for the staff.